Three Girls Go to the Rose: Exploring the New Rose Art Museum Exhibits

My two best friends and I decided to take a break from our work and procrastinate in a productive way. We decided to go and see some art. Good thing we have an art museum right on campus that is one hundred percent free. Not just free of charge but free of judgment and snobby guards.

If you haven’t been, then go. It’s a peaceful environment that will get your creative juices flowing as soon as you walk in. The first exhibit we looked at was Chris Burden’s “The Master Builder.” The sculptures are made out of Meccano and Erector parts. They look like you could touch them to make them collapse immediately. Shockingly, all but one can hold up to 500lbs. It was hard for us to control our inner child; we just wanted to play with them!

The next few pieces were by von Heyl and Wols. These paintings were mostly ink and watercolor and somewhat abstract. The colors were interesting; a nice mix of grays and neon yellows and orange. It’s hard to summarize one feeling we had about the paintings because Charlene seems to cover a ray of emotions. However, it’s safe to say she likes to play with feminine shape and form.

The last exhibit we viewed was Mika Rottenberg's “Bowls Balls Souls Holes.” This was an overwhelming and fun display, which features two short films that have never made us think so much.  The films play with consumerism, waste, racial tensions and stereotypes and of course your mind. Not only does it include multiple mediums and materials but it is also interactive. We had fun, but we were glad we saved it for last because we needed time to process.

These new exhibits are fascinating and totally worth the visit. If you have never visited the Rose, then it is definitely something to check off your bucket list.  The atmosphere is calm and the people are cheerful. Even if you don’t consider yourself an “art person,” you can still get something out of each exhibit. Museums are generally very expensive so take advantage of your privilege of not only have access to free admission but also being able to walk right over from your dorm in ten minutes or less. So take some time out of your day to visit the Rose this semester. It will take you less than half an hour if you are short for time and it’s even more fun if you bring your friends.