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Ten Ways to Slay a Snow Day


  1. Movie marathon

Stay in your pj’s, make a nice cup of hot tea/cocoa, and enjoy a nice Netflix day with friends.


  1. Go play in the snow!

Go have yourself a cute little winter moment outside. Then run back in once the wind hits you and vow to never do that again!


  1. Bake

If you don’t have access to a kitchen, get creative and see how many different baked goods you can make with a microwave and a mug!


  1. Catch up on work

Get ahead while you can and be less stressed out later!


  1. Build a fort

You’re never too old.


  1. Spring cleaning

Dorm rooms get gross. Organize and deep clean your room and common spaces to get rid of the nastiness that has been building up all semester.


  1. Practice some self-care

You deserve some TLC!


  1. Write letters to your congressional representative

What a perfect opportunity for activism.


  1. Have an indoor picnic

A potluck on the floor with your friends? Goals.

  1. Get crafty

Do some therapeutic coloring, paint, or make a giant chain to decorate your room.


  1. BONUS OPTION: Cry because your school will literally never give you a snow day.

Enough said.



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