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Spread the holiday music: Fa-La-La!

Christmas is almost here! Everywhere you go all you hear is holiday music, whether it is on the radio, in the stores or at work. Even Brandeisians are using the popular holiday playlists found on Pandora as their relaxing study-music for finals.

After Thanksgiving is over the holiday cheer starts. The fire gets started in the living room, the hot cocoa becomes a must, and those cute mittens and gloves are worn every day. But what is just as exciting as the first snowfall in the winter is the holiday music that is played constantly!

Some all-time classics that will never get old are Paul McCartney’s “Christmas,” Thurl Ravenscroft’s “The Grinch,” “Charlie Brown’s Christmas” and Eartha Kitt’s “Santa Baby.”

As the years go on, artists have collaborated with each other not only to convert many classics into their own versions but to add some modern beats to the old tunes. Just this year, Mariah Carey did a remake of her own song.

“All I Want for Christmas is You” with pop sensation Justin Bieber. Bieber did not stop collaborating there for his Christmas records; he even made tracks with the legendary Boyz II Men.

Take out all of your massive amounts of notes and books that have accumulated throughout the semester. Go to Einstein’s in the Shapiro Campus Center to try a cup of their hot chocolate or their winter-flavored coffee. Sit down and put on some holiday music to make your finals studying a little less stressful!

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