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Spark a Food Revolution at Brandeis!

Let’s be real, what college student doesn’t love food? With dining halls on each side of campus to accommodate students from The Village to North and alternative snacking opportunities at Einstein’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Starbucks, there is clearly no shortage of food for us Brandeisians. However, a little bit of extra creativity sure wouldn’t hurt. ANd that’s where Spoon University comes in.

Brandeis freshmen, Abby Grinburg and Haliana Burhans have begun the campaign to establish a chapter of Spoon University right here at Brandeis, but they need your support! With chapters at colleges and universities all over the country, Spoon University is incredible resource and opportunity for students to showcase their love for food and ultimately create a community for food lovers on campus.  If brought to Brandeis, this blog syle site, complete with cooking advice, recipes, and your “insta-worthy” pics taken at your favorite local restaurant (maybe even the dining hall!), will surely be your go-to for all things food.

So, do you want to bring Spoon University to Brandeis? Check out the links below for more information.   

For more information on Spoon University check out this link.  

Spoon needs staff in order to establish itself here at Brandeis.  If you’re interested in joining, take a look at the application here

For more information on available positions, click here.

Now let’s bring Spoon to Brandeis!

Brittany is a senior at Brandeis University. She loves looking for exciting new volunteer opportunities in and around her community, spreading school spirit working in Brandeis admissions, and sharing memories from her semester abroad in Denmark. In her free time, you might find her browsing Spotify for new music, scouting out hole-in-the-wall food joints, or face-timing with her eleven year old brother. Check her out on Instagram @britt_wolfe for snapshots of her life and if you're hungry, check out her foodstagram @diningonthedaily!
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