Sophie Sinclair '19

Name: Sophie Sinclair

Year: 2019

Hometown: Santa Monica, California

Major: Anthropology

Minor: Business and Sculpture


Her Campus: What attracted you to Brandeis?

Sophie Sinclair: I wanted to go to a liberal arts school on the east coast and, when I came to visit, everyone was so nice to me and made me feel welcomed.


HC: What activities are you involved in? 

SS: club tennis, Waltham Group: Companions for the Elders, and a sister of Delta Phi Epsilon.


HC: What is your favorite Brandeis memory so far? 

SS: Having my first snow day!


HC: What advice do you have for incoming first years? 

SS: Take a chance and don’t be afraid to do something by yourself.


HC: Where do you see yourself in ten years? 

SS: Working for the FBI; no, more realistically, something in fashion.


Fast Facts:

Secret Talent: Ice skating

Favorite TV Show: Quantico

Celebrity Crush: Rafael Nadal

Favorite Food: Grilled cheese

Favorite Spot on Campus: The Stein

Favorite Brandeis Class: Pop Art and Sculpture with Todd Pavlisko