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Sherman Hacks

Sherman’s possibilities aren’t limited to chicken patties and pizza. Check out these hidden recipes you can make yourself in everyone’s favorite all-you-can-eat dining hall!

Iced coffee:

This one is super easy, and great for the warm spring days soon to come!

1)    Fill a plastic drinking glass with ice from the soda machine

2)    Pour hot coffee over the ice

3)    Add milk and sugar to taste

Cookie ice cream sandwiches:

Who doesn’t love a classic chipwich!

1)    Choose 2 cookies of your choice from the dessert tray

2)    Head on over to the ice cream and scoop two or three scoops of the ice cream of your choice onto one cookie

3)    Place the second cookie on top and enjoy!

Arnold palmer:

A good old-fashioned iced tea lemonade!

1)    Fill a glass with ice

2)    Add lemonade until the glass is half-full

3)    Fill the rest of the way up with the iced tea- raspberry, original, unsweetened… it’s up to you!

Ice cream floats:

There are so many ice cream soda combinations Sherman has to offer!

1)    Fill a plastic drinking glass half-way with scoops of ice cream (just choose your favorite, or mix a bunch together!)

2)    Top with soda- just choose your favorite! 

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