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Shayna Rubenstein ’16

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Brandeis chapter.

Hometown: Lexington, MA
Major/Minor: Double Major in Biology and Sociology, going to try to minor in Hispanic Studies

What clubs are you a part of on campus?

I am involved in Hillel by being on the First Year Council this year and chairing Hillel at Brandeis and Mitzvah Corp’s event “Share Your Hair.” I tap with Hooked on Tap, dance with the Adagio Dance Company and I have been the costume designer for two shows at Brandeis (Bat Boy as the assistant costume designer and Seussical as one of the two co-costume designers)!

How did you get so involved with these activities?

Well, I have been dancing since I was about three, so being part of the dancing clubs was sort of a no-brainer as it is something I really enjoy. For theatre, I was the costume designer of all my high school shows and I really found the process of creating a vision and seeing it through to be rewarding, even if we don’t get that much credit. For Hillel, well, firstly I am Jewish (couldn’t tell by the name, could you?) and I feel a strong connection to the Jewish community here at Brandeis. I got involved in Hillel because I wanted to help others foster the same connections that I have found here on campus.

Do you recall any big moments from being involved with these clubs or highlights from the year?

Tech weeks are always the highlight of all the clubs I’m apart of. “Tech week” is the week, or even few days, before a show (theatre or dance) where you have rehearsals for hours and and hours. Even though you get VERY little sleep, the work you put in during these days always pays off in the end.

Spring is finally here! What are you most excited about?

Even though I’m really bad at it, I love to run outside, so I’m really excited for it to be warm again. My birthday is also in June so I always have something to look forward to when the spring starts.

Favorite clothing item for spring?

Nike running shorts; I would literally wear these all the time if I didn’t have to look decent occasionally.

Favorite book?

Well, I have no idea. I love a lot of books but I’d say my all time favorite is “Make Way for Ducklings” by Robert McCloskey because I lived in Boston when I was younger and I loved the duckling statues in the Boston Garden.

Name one thing you cannot live without.

A watch, so I can never lose track of what I am doing and what I want to do.

Andrea is a sociology major with minors in journalism and women's and gender studies. She is currently finishing her senior year at Brandeis University. She was born and reared in Los Angeles, CA, which does mean that she is a die-hard Laker fan… Sorry Bostonians. When Andrea is not routing on her favorite basketball team, she dedicates her time to her many passions. They include reading and writing about fashion, traveling, exploring new restaurants, spending time with friends, watching reality television (she has a weak spot for Bravo), shopping, and working out.