Seven Random Acts of Kindness

Her Campus Brandeis is giving YOU the chance to get some great swag, do a random act of kindness for seven days in a row and feel great about yourself! Have you heard of 100 Happy Days? Instead of asking for 100 straight days from our readers and followers, we are encouraging you to do a random act of kindness for seven days in a row! Everyday you share your random act of kindness on Facebook and/or Instagram or Twitter you will receive a small act of kindness from us, in the form of swag or maybe even a baked good! Keep an eye out for us in Usdan on April 1st from 11-1 PM when we will be sharing an act of kindness with the Brandeis campus!

Tag us in your post, email [email protected] with your contact info so we can deliver your swag and try to make these seven days count! It is the week before break, which can be the most stressful so to help remedy the stress levels we encourage as many people to participate as possible!