A Second-Semester Senior’s Boston Bucket List

With commencement crazily less than four months away, a senior’s college career inevitably flashes before his/her eyes once if not like for me, two, three, or ten times weekly. Having spent the past four years of your life in a city perhaps different from your native, on a campus unfamiliar to your home, and with peers of unique background and interests, only when you’re about to abandon these experiences might you realize how many more there actually are to be had.

Here’s a snapshot of what I’ll be saying yes to this semester!

  1. A New Englander’s Lobster Roll

A native New Yorker, I’ve tried my fair share of pizza. Like pizza is to New York City, I’ve heard through the grapevine that lobster roll is to Boston. Luke’s Lobster, here I come!

2. A Boston Duck Tour

Gotta experience all the hubbub of this tourist industry, right?

3. Check out a Bruins game

My allegiance may be to the Rangers, but since I couldn’t make it to a Patriot’s game, might as well check out Boston sports enthusiasm at the rink.

4. Celebrate St. Patty’s Day the right way

Whether at the parade or neighborhood haunts, catch me head to toe in green!

5. Visit the Hood Milk Bottle Stand

I mean, it’s a giant milk bottle that houses an ice cream stand. Sooooooo

 Look out for my reaction to these Boston staples!