Rohan Narayanan '15

Hometown: Southbury, CT

Majors: International and Global Studies, Politics

Minor: Social Justice and Social Policy

Her Campus: How did you become interested in your majors and minor? 
Rohan Narayanan
: In high school, I got very involved in volunteering and social work, and activism and helping others quickly became way more important to me than academics. I was also involved in student government and different leadership roles, so coming into college, I found that the IGS/Politics combo was a great way to combine these two related fields I’ve been exploring for years.

HC: I know you're involved in FACE AIDS. How did you become involved, and what can other students do to help the cause? 
RN: FACE AIDS is an international organization, but I co-founded the Brandeis chapter with two friends of mine last semester. We discovered we had a shared interest in helping the less fortunate in Africa and then we found FACE AIDS, an organization devoted to combating poverty and the spread of HIV/AIDS, reforming health care structures, and provide the foundation for sustainable protection of citizens. People can get involved by joining our listserve, coming to a meeting, buying an AIDS ribbon pin, or just supporting our cause.

HC: Not a lot of people know that Brandeis has it's own TV station (though they should!). As president of BTV, what are your goals for the club this year, and what can we do to join?
RN: Currently, I’m the president of BTV, but the board runs the organization as a team. I’m also directing and part of the production/writing staff for BTV’s web series, "Deisian Couple," but there’s a bunch of cool BTV sponsored projects we're planning for next semester. My goal for the club revolves around becoming more Brandeis-oriented, while also repairing the club’s name and reputation and producing some entertaining and memorable videos and projects. While it had problems years ago, BTV is now a very underutilized resource because anyone can join and if they’re motivated enough, they can really accomplish anything they’d like. We have also formed some partnerships with other Brandeis clubs, helping them produce videos and advertisements. To get involved, people would just need to come to a meeting or send me an email – we’re very open to all kinds of projects and ideas.

Fast facts:
Favorite movie and TV show: Favorite movie is V for Vendetta, favorite TV show is Breaking Bad (but I also have lots of love for Spongebob)
Best place to meet new people on campus: Probably the SCC because people always roll through there, but you really meet people all kinds of ways in all kinds of places
Favorite meal on campus: Sandwiches made by Marie
Favorite place to hang out off-campus: Various Indian restaurants
Hidden talents/weird skills: Goofy [white boy] dancing
Guilty pleasure: Adele fo’ sho’
Best class taken at Brandeis: Protest, Politics, and Change: Social Movements