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Road To Graduation: Senior Sign Out

This week the class of 2015 was completing one of the last official steps to graduation: senior sign out. The class of 2015 signed up for the alumni listserv, talked to Hiatt to network with alumni in the area for potential jobs, confirmed where they will get their yearbook sent, bought their senior week passes and received their commencement tickets.

It is a big week for the graduating seniors of Brandeis. All over social media complete theses are being posted, thesis defenses are being shared, and statuses that sound like this: “finished my last undergraduate class at Brandeis” are all over the place. Everyone is starting to get a little sentimental and gearing up for a week of fun with Disorientation 2015 activities. Between the day trips, night activities and time spent catching up with some old and new friends our graduating class will be very busy.

As we begin to say goodbye to the class of 2015, we wish everyone luck with their next endeavor. Just to get sentimental and corny for a minute I am going to quote Vitamin C’s “Graduation”: as we go on, we remember all the times we had together. I am allowed to be this corny and sentimental. I am graduating also. With all the official senior business behind us: let the countdown to commencement begin. 18 days. I just have one thing to say about that: wow. 

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