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Rekindling the Romance after Summer

Being away from campus for the summer is a great way to decompress after a busy year. At the same time, it’s also a great way to complicate the status of you and your cutie from school. This guide will help you avoid some of that back-to-school awkwardness and get back in the swing of things with your guy!

You and your boyfriend were forced into a LDR over the summer

First off, pat yourself on the back: You made it! Your weekly skype dates and late night texts were not in vain. You’re back together on campus now, and are eager to transition back into your relationship.

Don’t: jump into things too quickly. You now have the opportunity to see each other 24/7. But just because you can doesn’t mean you should. To avoid coming off as clingy or feeling smothered by your guy, ease into things with your beau. Schedule time together between your regular activities (such as lunch between classes) to get used to seeing each other in every day life.

Do: have some casual fun dates. Watch movies, take some walks outside, play video games…? Make sure you have some fun together so your relationship doesn’t start feeling too serious or overwhelming.

You and your crush kept in touch over the summer

You flirted over the phone, you texted (maybe you even sexted), and now you’re both wondering where to go from here.

Don’t: make any decisions just yet. The first few weeks of school are not the right time to “define the relationship,” whether that means getting together or not seeing each other at all. It’s easy to get swept away at first—either by your romantic meals in the dining hall or by the hot guys you met at rush week. Let both of your schedules and social lives settle down before you decide where you stand.

Do: go on a date. If you’re thinking that this guy might be right for you, see if he’s down for dinner in town or a movie. Or do something fun off-campus like mini-golf or a morning run. Spending a little quality time together will help you figure out if this guy is worth your time and whether he is interested in a relationship.

You want to stir things up with a cutie from last year

You lost touch over the summer, but this guy is still the cutest one on campus. You want to start something up and see where it goes.

Don’t: close your eyes to everyone else. You’re single (for all intents and purposes) and you’re in college. Enjoy yourself! Go to parties, flirt with other guys, make sure you know what all your options are before zeroing-in on a particular guy. Who knows, that boy from your morning lecture last year might look a lot cuter with a tan (and also not at 8 o’clock in the morning!).

Do: be in touch (but not too in touch). Let your cutie know that you’re here and you might be interested. Send him a text asking how his classes are going, or if you share a class, ask him to study for the midterm with you. Keep it casual.


Rachel is a junior math major and premed student at Brandeis University. She is an EMT and recently joined her school's EMS squad. When she's not busy studying, she enjoys blogging, watching sitcoms, drawing zentangles, folding origami, and eating chocolate.
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