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Recap of 4th Annual Night For Africa

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Brandeis chapter.

This year’s Night For Africa: The Beauty Within was an energetic dance and song filled show. It was held in Levin Ballroom for two hours and each minute was packed with excitement from the energetic performers and awe from the audience. Wow!

BASO (Brandeis African Student Organization) organized the event into two Acts, both had rich, entertaining talents to showcase. Though all of the performances were entertaining, there were a couple that stood out: First, there was a duet, some rapping and singing for a song called “Power”. During act 2, there were two original songs, one titled, “Confession to Mama”, performed by Niu Raza, which inspired the audience to join in the chorus.

Aside from some awesome poetry for one of the performances, there was also so much dancing in the show – I loved it! There were a variety of performance groups: Kaos Kids, BU Afrithims, Naso Dance Troupe, So Unique step team, Gumboot dance (an African dance traditionally performed with bell embellished boots), and more.

One of the last performances was a fashion show comprised of daily wear that included African prints, such as an African country’s flag, on the clothing items; there was great range of pieces, both traditional and modern spins.

If you’d like to get a recap of all of the performances, check out the program below!

*Photo credit: Alleah Salone

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