Rebecca Siegel '16

Year: 2016

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Major/Minor: Biology and HSSP Majors, Chemistry Minor


Her Campus: What do you plan to do after graduation?

Rebecca Siegel: I’m taking a year off at home working for an ambulance company and hopefully working for a nonprofit organization. Then start applying to med school *cue the doomsday music*.

HC: What are you involved with on campus?

RS: I am the Director and a Clinical Supervisor for BEMCo, I am a TA for Organic Chemistry Lab, and I am the Campus Ambassador for the Gift of Life Bone Marrow Foundation at Brandeis University.

HC: What is the best part about being a member of BEMCo?

RS: I love BEMCo because we are such a family with a common goal of giving back and helping members of the Brandeis community.

HC: What’s your best Brandeis memory?

RS: I love hanging out with BEMCo members after a late night call. We joke around and talk about anything and everything, and almost always make a Dunkin run afterwards.

Fun Facts:

Favorite class at Brandeis: Inner Peace and Outer Peace (Seriously. Take this class.)

Pet-Peeve: People who are indecisive.

Prized Possession: Right now, the fan in my room. There’s no way I’d be able to sleep without it–true MVP of the summer.

Guilty pleasure: Obsessively watching Scandal and secretly hoping Olivia and Jake could be together forever.

Hidden talent: Under the right circumstances, I can fall asleep during any movie. I fell asleep in the theaters the first time I saw the last Harry Potter movie, woke up conveniently at the start of the credits, and my friends had no idea! I relied on what I remembered from the book to talk about the movie afterwards.