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Rebecca Groner ’17

Year: 2017

Major/Minor: HSSP/Social Justice

Hometown: Scarsdale, NY

Her Campus: What drew you to Brandeis University originally? Rebecca Groner: In high school, I was a part of an alternative school that focused on social justice and community building and I saw the same values were a big part of Brandeis’ culture. Also I loved the vibes on campus and I’ve felt at home since the first time I visited.

HC: What were you worried about coming to college? RG: I was worried I would get a crazy roommate, but my first-year roommate was amazing to live with and we’re still friends.

HC: You are involved in TBA, an improv group on campus. What is the scariest thing about performing improv? The most rewarding?RG: Before every show I think I’m going to pee on the stage because of my nerves. The other day we performed in front of 7th graders and I was so afraid they would bully us, but they were so fun and nice. I’m also performing improv on WBRS with my friend Abigail for our show Room 4 Improvment (spelled like Improv), so it’s scary and weird to not have an audience to laugh at us and let us know how we are doing. 

The most rewarding part of performing is becoming close with TBA during shows because we get to support each other in every scene and then laugh about our more ridiculous scenes afterwards.

HC: Who is your comedy idol and why? RG: Amy Poehler because she actually got her start in comedy by joining an improv troupe in college and now she empowers women through comedy and she founded one of the best improv theaters in the country. She also does so many great things in the improv world and the world of comedy.

HC: What has being a volunteer for Hunger and Homelessness taught you about community service?  RG: I’ve definitely learned a lot but the main take away is that I need to put 110% of myself into the service I am involved with while I’m doing it. Before visiting the Community Day Center, all the academic things and other stress on my mind have to leave and I have to focus on the service project at hand and the people I am talking to or working with there. Also even though community service can be disheartening when you realize how many issues there are in our society, it’s important to realize that everyone can make a difference, even if it is just having a conversation with someone or bringing people a meal.

HC: Where do you see yourself in twenty years?RG: Hopefully still doing improv in some capacity and also helping people to lead healthy lives, whether that’s by working in policy or at a health care organization.

Quick Facts:

Favorite C-Store snack: The caprese sandwich!Go-to study spot: Mandel Atrium or my bedLeast favorite song: Jealous by Nick JonasFavorite TV show: Broad City or TransparentFavorite city: Portland (mainly because I love the show Portlandia)Pet peeve: When people don’t say hi back to me!  Favorite class at Brandeis: Food and Social Relations

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