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Rain or Shine? Why Not Both?!

So, is that rainy weather getting u down? Soaking all your clothes, getting your socks and shoes all wet, and ruining your hair? Yes, we all know that feeling. Well look on the bright side, if there ever was one, we know just the accessory for you that will have looking super stylish and also keep that new haircut of yours under wraps, literally!

The clear bubble umbrella, seen all around campus, especially
this rainy time of the season is the new rain accessory that is a must have! The new fad not only protects your hair, but clothes and purse too, seeing that it comes down about three or four inches lower than your typical umbrella. But the best part of this all-purpose accessory is that you can see miles in front of you, without getting wet! Okay, maybe not miles, but you don’t have to look down and bump into that awkward kid you danced with at Pachanga to avoid soaking your hair and face. The new umbrella covers your face like no other umbrella before its time.

These chic new umbrellas can be found everywhere from Target to Urban Outfitters and will cost you less than $20! Want to spice it up a bit? Some come with color accents, polka dots, and even patterns like the NYC subway map. We can’t think of a better way to spend that hard- earned paycheck. Although we all hope the sun will come out soon, April showers aren’t over for another month and a half so run and get yours today!

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