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Purse Must-Haves for Formal

With Junior and Senior Formal quickly approaching (March 12), it’s easy to forget that you’ll need a purse to go with your fabulous dress! Finding the perfect purse may take some time, or you may already have a clutch stashed away in your tiny Brandeis closet. Whatever the case may be, it is important to bring some essentials with you for the formal (or a night on the town). This year’s formal will be on a cruise around Boston Harbor with dinner and dancing. You don’t want to be hauling a bag around that will weigh you down.
Provided below is a checklist of a couple items you won’t want to forget:

  • Lip gloss/ChapStick/Lip balm: A great way to keep your lips hydrated and also looking kissable
  • Oil-blotting sheets: Avoid reapplying powder from a compact—why would you want to look cakey?
  • Gum/mints: It’s good to keep it fresh, but here’s a tip: Avoid chewing gum if you’re wearing a body-conscious dress—it can have a bloating effect.
  • Driver’s license: If you’re of age and want to get a drink
  • Student ID: Just in case you need it to prove you’re a student/part of Brandeis; it’s always good to have.
  • Digital camera: Why not capture the night?
  • Cash: About $20 should suffice.
  • Ticket!

Mothers always seem to have tissues in their purses, but unless you have major allergies, I don’t see the use for them. Also, if you’re a bit of a germaphobe (like me), you could stash a tiny hand sanitizer in your purse (but there’s always a bathroom if you feel like washing your hands). Lastly, sometimes at the dentist they give you tiny dental flosses. I really like to carry these around because you never know what could get stuck in your teeth (just remember not to floss at the table)!
I hope this list helps everyone streamline the contents of those purses for formal!

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