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A Purim to Photoblog Home About!

It was the Saturday night we all we were all waiting for. Just a normal night at some schools, Purim is arguably one of the
best nights of the spring semester. For those of you who don’t know, Purim is a holiday celebrating the day that the Jewish people were saved from execution in the Persian Empire. What better excuses to drink, dance, and have a great time? There were multiple parties that took place on campus so that everyone looking for a celebration
could find one. We decided to check out the Chabad Party hosted by Chani and Peretz, the Chabad rabbi and his wife, and helped run by all the Greek Organizations, and we couldn’t have had more of a blast!

Traditional for the Jewish holiday of Purim, dressing up was taken to a whole new level this year. Instead of the typical Esthers, Mordecais, and Hamans, we were lucky to spot a few Lady Gagas, Crayons, Snookis, and Animals this year! Students got really into their costumes: painting their faces, dying their hair and some even baring a little too much. The party was a huge hit with tons of music, costumes, food, drinks and dancing. The only downside we could possible address was the huge influx of people. The Chabad house could only hold so many and because of the crowd many were turned away, left to celebrate elsewhere.
You know what that means guys! There’s always next year, which is sure to be as big a hit as this, so start thinking of those costumes, and you know what they say, “the early bird catches the worm,” or in this case the party.

Here are some more pictures of our favorite costumes!

Photo Credit: Aliza Goldstein

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