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The Pros and Cons of Campus Suites


Pros: Near Sherman and the library. Central location, so people will be swinging by all the time.

Cons: Can get loud on the weekends, as Rosie is known for its party atmosphere.


Pros: Looks and feels like a real apartment, complete with a kitchen.

Cons: Far from campus, classes, and activities.


Pros: Near Dunkin’ Donuts, Sherman, and the Village Gym. Has a suite-style setup with a lounge area.

Cons: Getting to classes will be an uphill hike every day.


Pros: Kitchen!  

Cons: Like Ziv, it is far from where most classes take place. Also, a kitchen means you can’t eat with people on a meal plan on a regular basis.


Pros: Like Ridgewood, each Grad suite has a kitchen.

Cons: Located off-campus, you will need the BranVan or a fifteen minute walk to get to class and the library. It can also be hard to convince people to visit you so far away (“Please? I’ll cook for you!”)


Pros: Senior-only housing, the Mods has a fun and friendly neighborhood environment.

Cons: Although not as far as Grad, getting to classes will still take a chunk of time.

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