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P[M]S: You’re Awesome 

Body image is something that many of us struggle with on a regular basis. And when PMS week rolls around, it seems like insecurities about our bodies, appearances, and overall self-worth are amplified. I could go on and on about how our culture is completely obsessed with outer beauty and why this is detrimental for society— but for today, I’m just going to offer some practical tips on amping up the self-love (especially for when aunt Flo comes to town).  

  1. Say farewell to Facebook: ladies, we inherently compared ourselves before social media came into play, but now the comparisons are constant and incessant. If that bloat or breakout is getting you down, the last thing you need is to plug into social media. I’m not saying to bid farewell to Facebook forever —I’m just recommending that if you’re feeling extra vulnerable, focus on your own life instead. 
  2. Organize: I always know when I’m getting my period because I have an uncontrollable need to clean everything in sight. And I think there’s a reason for this! Feeling productive inevitably makes us feel valued and worthy. Organizing your environment is an awesome way to get more stuff done, feel calmer, and bring order to what may feel like internal chaos. (P[M]S: I strongly recommend jamming out to some upbeat, positive music while you’re at it!) 
  3. Move your body: much like organizing, working out makes us feel super productive. From a physiological standpoint, exercise releases endorphins and immediately makes us feel happier. It’s essential that you approach working out as something enjoyable, rather as something to check off your to-do list. View it a deposit into the bank account of self-love. 
  4. Stay away from triggers: if you know that you’re more likely to snap at a loved one or cry at that movie that always gets you going, just stay away. If you know that you always reach for that bag of chips or that box of cookies, just stay away (and order a box of PMS Bites!). Take a deep breath, watch a hilarious YouTube video, organize, work out… engage in uplifting activities, instead of creating unnecessary drama and guilt. 
  5. Give: this goes for overall happiness too. We just feel best when we give! This doesn’t need to be monetarily; it can be calling up a friend and just telling her how amazing she is. It can be buying a stranger coffee at Starbucks. Contribution is truly the best medicine (in addition to laughter, of course) and will make your self-worth skyrocket (and melt all your PMS symptoms away). 

Just remember: you’re amazing. Period. 

Becca is a health-enthusiast, writer, and college student. She is originally from South Florida and is currently studying at Brandeis University. She also blogs for Huffington Post, enjoys running + yoga, and lives for the beach. 
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