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Get to know Paris Hodges! Although she is just a freshman, she is definitely not struggling to find her place at Brandeis. Her continuous hard work since she was in elementary school has allowed her to become a part of the Brandeis basketball team. She calls them her family. Paris enjoys having a big crowd with her friends and family in the stands, so go out and show her some support!

Hometown: Southampton, NY

Major(s): Business


Campus Life/Brandeis:

Her Campus: What made you want to apply to Brandeis?

Paris Hodges: I wanted a school that would challenge me both athletically and academically.

HC: How do you like your freshmen year so far?

PH: I am enjoying freshmen year. I am learning how to manage my time.

HC: What is one thing you love about Brandeis now that you have been on campus for a semester?

PH: The small class sizes.

HC: If you could change one thing about Brandeis that annoyed you from the start, what would it be?

PH: I would make the campus flatter the hills are hard to climb, especially in the cold weather.


HC: How old were you when you first started playing basketball?

PH: I started playing basketball when I was in third grade.

HC: How do you like being on the basketball team?

PH: I love being a part of the basketball team.

HC: Is it difficult being on the team as a freshman?

PH: No, although I make a lot of mistakes, my team is positive and encouraging.

HC: Is the team extremely competitive within itself, or just towards other teams?

PH: We are competitive and always strive to bring the best out of each other.

HC: Was it hard becoming part of a new team and leaving behind your Southampton one?

PH: No, of course I love and miss my high school team but transitioning was easy because my team welcomed me. We have become a family. 

HC: What position do you play?

PH: Guard

HC: What are your strengths?

PH: One of my strengths is pushing the ball up the court.

HC: Do you like playing in front of a crowd? If so, why?

PH: Yes, because my friends and family are often in the stands.  

HC: Who do you aspire to be like in terms of basketball? (Who’s your inspiration?)

PH: Bria Hartley, because she has been a role model for athletes aspiring to compete at the collegiate level on Long Island and across the country.

HC: Are you happy with the fall season?

PH: I am very proud of my team. We have to continue to play hard and good things will come. 


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