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Paris Fashion Week Roundup

Alright so I’m about to try and recap Paris Fashion Week in one blog post. It’s probably impossible, but I will do my best. First, I must mention that I am not a fashion blogger. I literally don’t know anything about what I’m saying, but PFW is awesome. As a New Yorker, I do hold a special place in my heart for NYFW because there’s a lot of black and fur and leather which are all things I adore. However, PFW is still my favorite and this year has been amaze.

So before I post some photos of my favorite looks this season let’s just mention a few things about this year’s season. One: Hedi Slimane’s collection for Saint Laurent caused controversy once again with people claiming that “it ain’t Laurent without Yves.” Someone mentioned to me that his collection looked like something that would be sold at Zara to which I replied “I would be in heaven if this collection was sold at Zara.” My non fashiony self personally loved the collection because what is not to love about crystal studded fishnets, combat boots, tons of black dresses and a lot of badass leather. Second: I didn’t love Chanel. Yeah I just said that, but it’s fine Karl I still love you and the disco ball eyes were so fabulous I basically found my beauty inspiration for the rest of my existence. (Chanel beauty is always awesome.) Third: CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE TRANSFORMATION DRESSES AT CHALAYAN. Hussein Chalayan created another really great collection and then added in 3 iconic transformation dresses. I’m linking you to the show, it might be boring or whatever at first, but then it will blow your mind. And one more thing before I start talking about 7 of my favorite collections (seems like a lot, but remember that this is Paris) … KATE MOSS closed for Louis Vuitton and it was perfect. As was the collection; I could literally write a book on how much I love Marc Jacobs. Okay, let’s start.

1. Miu Miu

I don’t always love everything Miuccia Prada does with her name brand, but Miu Miu never disappoints. It’s always fun and girly, but still very ladylike and classy. Also pastel pink and polka dots for winter?  Miuccia, I couldn’t agree more.

2. Givenchy

I really love how Riccardo Ticsi mixes feminine fabrics and prints with less vibrant or girly silhouettes and colors for the Ready To Wear collections. I’ve been developing a Givenchy obsession lately… it’s not a big deal #help.

3. Christian Dior

Raf Simons and Andy Warhol art work. I’d try to articulate how much I love what he’s been doing (even though some people hate it, whatever I know nothing about this I just like Raf Simons) but it doesn’t quite work. Also, bags with shoes printed on them. Yes.

P.S. I’d be willing to accept that baby pink swing coat as a gift. Just saying.

4. Kenzo

KENZO WAS JUST AWESOME. Eyeball jackets. Eyeball shoes. Eyeball leather pants. Perrywinkle puffy fur coats. I am in love. I’ve never loved prints the way I love Kenzo prints.

5. Dries Van Noten

I recently started paying attention to Dries Van Noten. Good choice, self. I love how he clashes feminine and masculine silhouettes and colors and my brain is mush but I want everything. If I was a celebrity who could pull off and afford high fashion, I’d go straight to Dries Van Noten. So much love.

6. Chloe

Girly and chic and beautiful as always. And then there’s also an asymmetrical mesh polka dotted skirt, so ya know, there’s that.

7. Valentino

I added this last minute because OH MY GOD. Valentino has always been one of my absolute favorites because OH MY GOD. #perfectionmuch

So there you have it. I really like looking at clothes I can’t have. A few other things to do if you’ve either made it this far/care even a tiny bit:

  • here’s a link to every PFW show so go wild
  • Balenciaga 
  • Celine shoe porn
  • cry

all photos via style.com

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