Parents Weekend: An Experience Told Through Dogs

Before the weekend even begins, you start getting excited about seeing your fam, getting off campus, and eating tons of not-Sodexo food.


Then your fam gets lost trying to find your residence hall but after a few trips around Loop road they find you and it's a happy reunion!


After a brief tour of your 206 sq. ft box called “home”, you beg them to take you off campus and get some real food.


Throughout the weekend you and the fam explore Boston,


Run errands,


And of course, eat tons and tons of food!


Additionally, you go to the festivities on campus such as the soccer games,​


And Colin Jost!​


As the weekend comes to an end you begin to realize how tired you are from hosting your Parents, and living life off-campus,​


But you wouldn’t trade seeing them for anything! And you may or may not be counting the days ‘til winter break when you will be reunited.​