Noa Limura '18

Name: Noa Limura

Hometown: Tokyo, Japan 

Year: 2018

Majors/Minors: Undeclared, but interested in Business/Economics and Film

Her Campus: What are you involved in on campus?

Noa Limura: IM Soccer, ZBT, archery, and MTS2

HC: Single or taken?

NL: Taken 

HC: What do you look for in a significant other?

NL: I like someone who's honest and caring with a sense of humor.

HC: First thing you notice in someone else?

NL: Their eyes

HC: What do you enjoy doing on the weekend?

NL: I like hanging out with friends, editing videos, and hanging out with my fraternity.

HC: Describe your ideal date?

NL: Hanging out somewhere warm, preferably the beach. Anything lowkey. 

HC: Describe yourself in three words.

NL: Considerate, easy-going, protective

HC: What’s your dream job?

NL: Shooting and editing music videos at my own pace.

HC: What are your biggest turnoffs?

NL: Rudeness, people who try too hard

HC: Guilty pleasure?

NL: Wishing you had things you don't have (yet...)



Color: Turquoise

Movie: Ted

Song: Somebody - Natalie La Rose ft. Jeremih

Sport: Soccer

City: Tokyo

TV Show: Anything Japanese #uncultured