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No Need for Plan B, “The Back-Up Plan” Delivers!

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in the baby carriage. Not in CBS Films’ latest release, “The Back-Up Plan,” where the game of life is played out in reverse. In the film, Zoe (Jennifer Lopez), like so many other women, has spent way too much time trying to find the “the one.” She’s dated many a man, but still hasn’t found the right guy, the one with whom she’d want to settle down and start a family. But Zoe is more than ready to do just that, so she decides it’s time to start her own family—with or without the help of a real, live man—and turns to her back-up plan: artificial insemination.

The only problem is that, no sooner has she left the fertility doctor, than around comes Stan (Alex O’Loughlin), who could very well be “the one.” Sure, Zoe doesn’t know it at first, what with Stan’s obnoxious cab-stealing tendencies and snarky banter, but Zoe soon develops feelings for him. After all, he’s cute and he’s funny, and hard not to fall for. There’s just one little problem: Zoe might already be pregnant. And how is she supposed to explain that to a guy she just started dating? Like Stan says in the film’s preview, “I thought we were supposed to date for a year or two before we got serious then we’d get married and then we’d have kids.”

Even though Zoe’s on the cusp of realizing her lifelong dream of becoming a mother, will she have to sacrifice one of her other dreams —finding lasting love—to do so? Will Stan stay with Zoe when he finds out she’s pregnant, or will he run?
The film, directed by Alan Poul, hits upon one of the oldest clichés in the book and proves that love comes when you least expect it. As it turns out, so can children. I’m a sucker for a good chick flick and if that’s what you’re looking for, this film delivers. Sure, there were some cheesy moments, but isn’t that secretly why we all go to chick flicks?

“The Back-Up Plan” is hilarious and mixes in humor with the serious topic of pregnancy. From whining women in labor who just might convince you not to have children (kidding!), to the battle with bulging pregnant bellies, to Zoe’s infatuation with her “pregnancy pillow,” the film pokes fun at some of the difficulties that accompany pregnancy and also love.

“The Back-Up Plan” features great comedic timing, real-life issues and, if that wasn’t enough, an adorable handicapped dog. Lopez’s Zoe nicely represents the trials of finding the right guy and of taking the risk of letting him into your life and she has good chemistry with O’Loughlin’s Stan. Overall, this is a feel-good film you can enjoy with the girls and will surely leave you laughing for quite some time.

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Chrissy Callahan is a double major in journalism and media studies (self-designed) and French and Francophone studies at Brandeis University, graduating December 2010. A Medford, Mass. native, she works in Brandeis' Department of Creative Services, helping edit and maintain the Brandeis website. Before writing and interning for Her Campus, Chrissy was features editor for the student newspaper the Brandeis Hoot for three years. When she's not hard at work, you're most likely going to find Chrissy indulging her passion for shopping, wearing way too much pink, or eating cookie dough ice cream. She also enjoys traveling, and dreams of traveling to Paris frequently for her future career. After graduating, Chrissy hopes to get a job in beauty or fashion journalism.
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