Nick Love '17

Name: Nick Love

Graduation Year: 2017

Hometown: Plainfield, IL

Major(s): HSSP(BS) and IGS

Her Campus: Why Brandeis?

Nick Love: I was making a choice between Brandeis and a large state school, University of Iowa, which at the time was my number one choice. The main thing that swayed me to come to Brandeis was the people I met here. Whether it was faculty, staff, or students, they were all very passionate and motivated about some cause or topic. In the end I decided the atmosphere and people of Brandeis is what I wanted to surround myself with, which is what led me to choose Brandeis.

HC: What are your extracurriculars?

NL: I hold Office hours for the Pottery Club, I am the former president and treasurer of the Queer Policy Alliance, and the former treasurer and leadership member of the Muslim Student Association. I am a member of the Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity in which I have served as Rush chair. As far as jobs I am a Community Advisor, a Sales Representative at the Brandeis Bookstore, and a Host at Solea Restaurant and Tapas Bar. 

HC: Describe yourself in 3 words 

NL: Friendly, Adventurous, and Determined 

HC: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

NL: I see myself abroad working as a Public Health Policy maker who practices medicine while trying to coordinate or aid programs which raise the status of marginalized or socially disadvantaged populations.

Quick Facts: 

-Middle Child of 5 

-First generation college student 

-Interested in men 

-Love making soap 

-Baan Thai >

Single or Taken? Single

Favorite Class: Global Perspectives on Health/Spanish for Medical Professionals

Favorite Quote: "I don't get cute, I get drop dead gorgeous!"-Alyssa Edwards

Favorite Movie: Prometheus

Favorite Actor: Sigourney Weaver

Favorite Song: Suite in E Flat by Gustav Holst

Favorite Snack: Edamame with corn and tofu found in the C-Store

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Animal: Hedgehog 

Favorite Spot on Campus: The Muslim Prayer Space

Any Advice for Underclassmen? Don't overcommit yourself to activities that don't have to do with your future ambitions. Also grades are important but not everything