New York For The First Time

This spring break I went to visit my friend in New York City and it was the best blend of crazy, relaxing and overwhelming. This may sound cliche, but New York is a magical city that never stops and has endless things to do, from food to shows. As someone who loves being in a city, New York was everything I dreamed it would be and more. However, it was nice to come back to a quiet campus and soak in the days I spent in New York because after a while being in a busy city can get too much.

It was a great getaway, but here are some things I would have liked to know before I went there.

Be ready for a crowd of people that never stops and always has somewhere to be. The streets are always busy. ​

Be prepared for weird unpredictable weather ( we are still in the east coast) Things are expensive!!! You are in New York after all.

If you are planning to see a broadway show (which you must, all of them are spectacular) book tickets in advance it will be cheaper.

I traveled by bus, so prepare for a looonggggg journey! and take some entertainment with you.​

But overall, New York was a great spring get away and I’m definitely going to visit again!