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National Nutrition Month

It’s the last week of National Nutrition Month! If you haven’t taken the opportunity to make a nutrition goal for the month, it’s never too late! As spring approaches what not a better time than now to reflect and think about the food you eat and how nutrition plays a role in your life. Think about it, everyone has a relationship with food, what does yours look like? Take a moment 

Eatright.org is the website for the Academy of Food and Nutrition. The Academy oversee’s all dietitians, providing them with the latest research and educational materials. Many of the resources are open to the public, so take a peak at some of the educational material they have to offer! 
Click here for the Academy’s reccomendations for young women: http://www.eatright.org/Public/content.aspx?id=6806
Events next week: On Monday March 31, I will be in Sherman from 12-1pm handing out pedometers for those who want to track there daily steps. It’s a great tool to set and accomplish goals! From 1-2pm stop by Usdan and post your nutrition goal to receive an EatRight containers that you can pack a quick snack in and can easily fit in your bag!
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