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My Ultimate Summer Bucket List

Being in Massachusetts for the summer means I get to divide my time between Boston and Cape Cod -- a city slicker one day and a beach bum the next (the perfect lifestyle in my opinion). I intend to make this summer the best one yet, and I have a few ideas on how to get started.


Visit more local shops.

Bookshops, boutiques, old-fashioned movie theaters – who knows where I’ll find something fun and quirky?

Visit 2 new restaurants a month.

Currently drooling over PVDonuts in Providence and Loco Taqueria in Boston.

Read 10 new books.

On my to-read list: The Queen of the Night, Big Magic, & The Dream Lover.


Road Trip.

The fun thing about New England is that all the states are jammed together, so you can take day trips to lots of cool places. Maybe a hike in New Hampshire? A stroll along the coast of Maine?

Picnic on the beach.

My dream day includes a cooler bursting with fresh fruit, La Croix, and sandwiches from the town market, beach chairs, and a radio, starting when the sun is high in the sky and ending post-sunset.

Thumbnail courtsey of Morgan Sessions via Unsplash 

Books: Eli Frances via Unsplash 

Sunset: Lance Anderson via Unsplash 

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