My Experience Dating Long Distance

Sooo … long distance. If you’ve tried it before you know it ain’t easy, but if you haven’t, long distance isn't as easy as it seem but it also isn’t the worst thing.


I’ve been in a relationship for 3 years now and it’s been a lotttt of fun. This summer was the best summer ever. We went on a lot of adventures throughout the city and even traveled with each other’s family. It was the most we’ve ever hung out back to back but I think our families understood we needed that time with each other. It such a great summer and then came the time he had to fly out the state. I think that was the weirdest time for me when he was out in Florida with all his new friends and classes and I was in NYC where’d all of our memories together are but move in day was coming up and there was my time to experience the same things.


So I came to Brandeis all happy and ready to go to every orientation event… and I did. So, therefore, my boyfriend and I weren’t talking that much. I mean like  Literally at all. I think I called him 2 times during that time period. And I didn’t notice it, but it put all of our arguments, opinions, and dislikes on hold because we just didn’t have the time to actually talk stuff out. And then bam, we had a huge argument and I'm thinking “this is crazy! It’s been good for like 3 weeks now. What the hell is his issue?” And then I talked to my mom and she’s like this god with all the answers. At the end of it, we created 2 days out the week with time dedicated to just calling each other, which has actually worked out better than expected. It hard because a couple of times we had to push back the meeting but at the end, we knew it was the person's job to fit the phone call in somewhere else throughout the day or before. It’s was a compromise and it’s literally on my calendar “ Call Chris"

I think throughout senior year I had a lot of doubts because we're having two completely different experiences, he’s in Florida loving it where it hot and I’m cold, but I think if we just continue to remind each other how we feel and communicate things will continue to go well. And talk to your mom because she’ll have a good idea of what’s going on.