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Movies to Watch on Valentines Day

Can't find a movie to watch for Valentine's day? Check out these picks to help you decide

Best movie to watch with your girlfriends

This movie will have you and your girls laughing till the very end.

Best movie to watch if you're single

This movie will help you keep things in perspective, so you don't spend the night in self-pity.

Best movie to watch by yourself, if you can't be with your guy on Valentine's Day

The best part about watching this movie by yourself: no one is around to judge you when you (inevitabley) cry. 

Best movie to watch with that guy... who may or may not be your date...?

This movie is romantic but not so much that your potential beau drowns in it.

Best movie to watch with your date

There's romance, there's action, there's humor--it's a classic.

Rachel is a junior math major and premed student at Brandeis University. She is an EMT and recently joined her school's EMS squad. When she's not busy studying, she enjoys blogging, watching sitcoms, drawing zentangles, folding origami, and eating chocolate.
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