MIDTERMS!? How to Deal with Stress During Midterms

At Brandeis, we all have one thing in common; we’re all insanely driven and studious. Not only are we constantly trying to stay on top of our work but also we’re trying to balance our academics with our extracurricular activities. This only means one thing when midterms hit: SO MUCH STRESS. So how do we survive this? Well ladies, here are a few survival tips:
1) Go to the gym.The hardest part is getting there! Once you start working out, endorphins start flowing and you’ll feel great. Exercise is an amazing stress reliever.
2) Go for a walk.An alternative to hardcore exercise, taking a walk. It is a great way to relax while catching up with friends. Try walking around loop road or just venture around campus.
3) Sleep!Getting enough sleep is vital to your concentration and learning ability. With enough rest, you’ll work faster and more efficiently.
4) Pamper yourself.Take the crystal shuttle and go into the city! There are plenty of salons (MANICURE, yes), restaurants (Pinkberry included) and stores (Forever 21, American Apparel etc.) to distract you from school. Also shopping is definitely exercise so you’re basically working out too.
5) Last but not least, study with friends.We all have midterms, why go suffer alone? Whether your friends are in your class or not, simply studying with others will help you stay focused and motivated.