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Meet your Staff! Her Campus Staff Members Do Halloween 2010

Yes, we know Halloween has sadly ended, but the memories live on, and what better way to formally introduce the people who tirelessly bring you Her Campus Brandeis week after week then in costume!!

So here are the lovely ladies of Her Campus Brandeis in their Halloween best! Who wins for best costume? Let us know!!

Picture 1: From Left: Jackie Nullman: Her Campus Polls, Sarah Koenig: Publicity Coordinator, Morgan Schwartz: Blogger

Picture 2: Morgan Scwartz: Blogger, Abi Katznelson: Campus Coordinator

Picture 3: Allyson Cartter: Assistant Editor

Picture 4: Asya Bashina: Executive Editor

Picture 5: Elizabeth Fields (on left): Blogger

Picture 6: Yael Katzwer (pictured in center): Assistant Editor

Picture 7: Rebecca Berger: Blogger

Picture 8: Jordana Gluck (pictured in center): Blogger

Picture 9: Jordan Longert: Publicity and Outreach Coordinator

Picture 10: Ellen Franz: Blogger

Picture 11: Morgan Montgomery-Rice: Blogger

Photo 12: Amy Melser: Blogger

Not Pictured: Destiny Aquino: Blogger from Abroad, Morgana Russino: Blogger, Michelle Miller: Publicity and Outreach, Shannon Ingram: Web Publicity

Chances are you already know many of us! We hope you’ll take the time to get to know the hard working and fantastic staff of Her Campus Brandeis!

To apply for her campus staff spring 2011 please contact Abigail@hercampus.com

Abigail Katznelson is a Senior at Brandeis University studying Economics and Psychology. She recently joined the Her Campus Team and is so excited to have been recognized by Brandeis as an official charter! She is a member of the Brandeis Student Union, Creative Advertising Director for Student Events, and the Vice President of Sigma Delta Tau Delta Gamma Chapter. Her interests include singing, shopping, writing and exploring exotic foods. She will attend Brandeis’ International Business School next year as a participant in Brandeis’ 5-Year Masters program in International Finance.
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