Meet Talia Gerard 20

Year: 2020

Major(s): Health Science Society and Policy

Minor(s): Social Justice and Social Policy    

Hometown: Manhattan Beach, CA (Talia seen second left)


HerCampus: Who is the most influential person or persons in your life?

Talia Gerard: My mom. She taught me how it important it is to give back to my community and stand up for what I believe in. She is the most powerful person I know. Especially in the current political climate, she tries to bring about change, and does not let anyone tell her otherwise. She has taught me what a strong independent woman looks like and has had a large influence on what kind of person I am today.

HC: What are you involved in on campus?

TG: I am the Community Outreach Assistant for FIMRC (Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children), one of the publicity chairs for Relay for Life, a host for Admissions, and on the committee from the Blood Drive. I was also on the Fall Concert Committee for the Campus Activities Board, an Orientation Leader, and assisted with Social Media Outreach for Kindness Day. I currently also work at as a Social Media Intern for the Chaplaincy, a Gateway Buddy and Office Assistant for English Language programs.

HC: Why did you choose to come to Brandeis?

TG: I knew since the beginning of my college search I wanted to be in Boston. I wanted to experience seasons and be in a place surrounded by college students. I also knew that I was not looking for a school in the middle of the city or out in the middle of nowhere. While Brandeis fit all of this criteria, I wasn’t certain of my choice until I visited. As cliche as it sounds, it was really the people that made me choose Brandeis. The pure kindness of the students here really stood out to me. I came from a very competitive high school and knew this was not only the change I needed, but the perfect fit for me.

HC:  What do you think your greatest struggle as a college student has been so far?

TG: Managing to finish everything I need to, while also getting enough sleep and staying healthy.

HC: What do you view as your greatest accomplishment in college so far?

TG: Surviving my mid-year semester haha. I was accepted into Brandeis as a Midyear, which allowed me to do anything I wanted my first semester and then join the Brandeis community in the spring. I decided to do the Brandeis program in London. My parents were very hesitant to send me, an 18 year old with little directional skills, to another country to start college. However, even though it was difficult to make the change I was able to not only survive but also learn invaluable life skills. I had to learn how to live on my own, cooking for myself, navigating a new city and everything that came with it (especially the tube), while also completing my first semester of college. However, one of the most important things I gained from my experience is the friendships I made. The other people that were on the program with me, are like family to me and made my experience as amazing as it was.

Fast Facts:

Favorite food on campus - vegan oatmeal raisin cookies

Your pets and their names - rescue dog (don’t know the breed), Cooper

Favorite class at Brandeis so far - hard question… either Sociology of Health,  Community, and Society or Biomedical ethics.