Meet The Staff: Emily Arkin

Name: Emily Arkin

Year: 2020

Hometown: San Diego

Majors/Minors: I haven’t declared yet, but I’m planning on majoring in Communication Psychology (I’m building my own major), and Anthropology, and minoring in either SJSP or NEJS.

HC: What are you involved in on campus, or what do you hope to get involved in?

EA: As of now, I’m a teaching assistant at Lemberg Children’s Center, Assistant Producing the UTC production of Once Upon A Mattress, Up the Octave (my acapella group), and Her Campus. Next semester, I want to try to volunteer for Admissions and one of the Waltham Groups!

HC: Why did you choose to get involved with Her Campus? What do you enjoy most about writing for Her Campus?

EA: I was such a fan of our chapter last semester and I loved seeing the cool articles my friends were writing. I think it’s really exciting to be apart of a community of strong and empowered women writing to an audience of our peers!

HC: How did you spend your summer?

EA: I was a camp counselor at Urj Camp Newman working as a nanny for the most adorable baby and working with an incredible group of teens in a social justice themes session about racial justice.

HC: What’s one thing on your Brandeis bucket list?

EA: To get on the roof of the SCC!

Quick Facts

Favorite spot on Campus: The balcony of Olin-Sang

Favorite song: End of Time by Beyonce Whos your feminist Icon: Emma Watson

Favorite Class so far: Both of my Anthropology classes were amazing, I wasn’t planning on being an Anth major but I’ve loved my studies so much that I had to consider it!