Meet Ricky Brathwaite '17

Year: 2017

Major(s)/Minor(s): Neuroscience and Biology

Hometown: Chelsea, MA

Her Campus: What activities are you involved in on campus?

Ricky Brathwaite: Co-President of SACNAS (Society for the Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in the Sciences), Co-Founder of Brandeis Supper Club, Bio Lab Teaching Assistant, Community Advisor, Reunion Coordinator, Men of Color Alliance (MOCA), Brandeis Beacon, Mid-Year Orientation Leader, Hiatt Advisor. 

HC: What’s one thing every ‘Deisian should have on their college bucket list?

RB: It used to be to explore the secret hallways of the castle but since it won’t exist for much longer I guess the new one would be to take a professor out to lunch.

HC: What is one of your top Brandeis memories?

RB: It was a late night in Polaris Lounge freshman year... Some friends and I found a practice CPR dummy and decided to play a prank. We put the upper body of the practice dummy in the bushes, letting just the legs stick out. We waited for someone to enter the quad, walked outside Polaris, and when they got close to the dummy... We made a scene. “Oh my gosh! Is that a body?! Yo that’s a body!! WHAT?! WHO IS THAT?!” The victim of our prank was so scared they sprinted away across the quad barefoot into the cable hall. We laughed till we cried for the next 10 minutes. Then, the police came. We had to explain what was going on but they laughed it off. Good times.

HC: If you had to choose a spirit animal, which animal would you choose and why?

RB: Definitely a Koala because they are pretty chill. They sleep a lot, spend a lot of quality time with family and friends, and become savages when they are angry--which doesn’t happen a lot because they are so chill.

HC: Any interesting summer / post graduation plans?

RB: Yeah, I’m going to be working in a lab at MGH for the summer then I’ll be returning to Brandeis in the fall to finish up my Masters in Biotechnology.

HC: And finally, if a long lost relative died tomorrow, making you a millionaire, what would you do with your new fortune?

RB: First, I would pay off all of my student loans and my family’s mortgage. Next, I would save a bit for a retirement fund, invest a little bit of it to obtain an alternate source of revenue while I work, and save some for a college fund for my future children. Finally, if I had some money left over, I would donate it to urban youth development programs for students who are interested in STEM.

Quick Facts:

Favorite Cuisine - Buss Up Shut Roti with Curry Shrimp

Favorite TV Show - Too many to list but right now I’m hyped for Rick and Morty to come back

Favorite Season -  

Man, I got Summer hatin' on me

'Cause I'm hotter than the Sun

Got Spring hatin' on me 'cause I ain't never sprung

Winter hatin' on me 'cause I'm colder than y'all

And I will never, I will never, I will never fall

I'm being hated by the seasons

So f*** y'all who hatin' for no reason

Celebrity crush - Serena Williams and Michelle Obama, <3 them equally