Meet Chantal Sochaczevski '17

Year: Senior

Majors: Business and Psychology

Minors: Legal Studies and IGS

Hometown: Montreal, Canada.

Her Campus: Why did you choose to come to Brandeis?

Chantal Sochaczevski: I chose to come to Brandeis and applied here Early Decision because I had a great tour when I came to visit and I was able to envision myself at the school. I liked the collaborative and encouraging nature of the high-quality academic environment. The number of students at Brandeis was small enough that it was comforting, but big enough that I knew I would have the opportunity to meet many different people. The campus was well maintained and I loved the feeling of community that so clearly resonates throughout the campus.

HC: What activities are you involved in on campus?

CS: I'm the VP of Education for the Brandeis Chapter of TAMID Group and I'm in Sigma Delta Tau (SDT).

HC: Can you tell me a little more about what you do the TAMID group?

CS: The TAMID Group is a nonprofit organization that develops the professional skills of undergraduate students through hands-on interaction with the Israeli economy. I joined TAMID at Brandeis during my first semester of my sophomore year. TAMID Group has two tracks: Consulting and The Fund. During my time in TAMID, I was a project manager and consulted for three different Israeli start-up companies.

After my sophomore year, I went on the TAMID Fellowship which is an 8-week summer internship program that provides the opportunity to work with host companies in Israel while living in Tel Aviv. After returning from the Fellowship, during my Junior year at Brandeis, I was the VP Fellowship for the Brandeis University Chapter. My responsibilities included informing TAMID members about the fellowship, distributing information about the fellowship, holding a fellowship information session and encouraging members to apply. Additionally, I maintained contact with the National Director of TAMID regarding the status of the fellowship application.

This year, in my role as VP Education, I created and conducted a series of education sessions and workshops for the new members in order to prepare them and ensure they had the necessary knowledge to join a consulting team or the fund track.

HC: That's really cool! On a different note, do you have a favorite Brandeis memory?

CS: It’s hard to choose one favorite Brandeis memory, but in general, I always enjoyed attending the Brandeis Activities Fairs. It’s great seeing how active and involved the student body is at Brandeis. Especially my first year, I remember being in awe, a bit overwhelmed, but very excited about all the different types of clubs and opportunities on campus.

HC: Do you have any exciting post graduation plans?

I'm moving to New York City right after graduation and will be working on Wall Street as a Recruitment Consultant at a niche technology recruitment firm.

HC: Now for a fun question--What's one impossible or crazy dream you have?

Well, I'm studying for my LSAT right now, and obtaining a 180 score seems pretty impossible!

Quick Facts: 

Favorite Food - Depends on my mood

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor - Vanilla 

Favorite Animal - Turtle (because slow and steady wins the race!)

Favorite Movie - The Notebook 

Favorite Spot on Campus - The dungeon (third floor down in the library)