Marsha Patel '14

Major/Minor: Triple major- Neuroscience, Biology, HSSP

Hometown: Waltham, MA


Her Campus: What are you involved with on campus?

Marsha Patel: I am the president of Brandeis Global Brigades, President of Namaskar, Co-events coordinator of SASA, a Brandeis Undergraduate Admissions Ambassador, and a member of DphiE


HC: How did you get involved with MELA?

MP: I’ve taken part in MELA since freshman year as a dancer and a choreographer. It allowed me to stay close to my culture and share the Southeast Asian culture via my favorite means: dancing. This year I decided to be a co-events coordinator so I could get more involved and have an integral role in planning it. It was an exciting and fun experience as I got to work behind the scenes and take the leap on planning one of the biggest cultural show on campus!


HC: What was the best part about planning MELA?

MP: Definitely seeing the senior dance turn out so well and every senior getting their last chance to dance their heart out! Beyond that, being able to put together something on such a grand scale and having it be appreciated by the Brandeis community is so rewarding. The show was sold out and everyone who came enjoyed the show. Being able to keep professors, students, and parents on the edge of their seats dancing and singing along with us throughout the show was the best part!


HC: What do you do with Global Brigades?

MP: During my sophomore year at Brandeis I founded the Global Brigades chapter and got a couple of friends involved to plan the trip. Our first year we did a medical brigade and were able to not only carry out a successful brigade but also able to meet the President of Honduras and the American Ambassador to Honduras. The following year our chapter doubled when we started a public health brigade. Currently, we have 75 brigadiers going on the trip to Honduras, about 150 members, and three brigades: Medical, Public Health and Microfinance. After leading two brigades, I am currently responsible for making sure that all of the brigades work together and assist the presidents in any way needed. I am also the Brandeis representative for the National Global Brigades Organization and act as the face for Brandeis Global Brigades both on and off campus.

HC: What do you do with your spare time at Brandeis?

MP: Well I sleep. I also really enjoy dancing. I dance for a nationally competing co-ed Indian dance team. Rehearsals take up a lot of time and the best part about it is all the competitions we get to take part in! Dancing allows me to stop worrying about classes, grades, and clubs and just relax. Sometimes I dance just to get inspiration so I can problem solve.


HC: What's your favorite thing about Brandeis?

MP: My favorite thing about Brandeis is definitely the people and the friends I’ve made. Brandeis is such a unique place in that we really do have the best collection of kind, driven, and caring people. Students at Brandeis, whether strangers or friends, are all willing to help each other grow and encourage each other to achieve our goals. It creates the perfect and safe environment for people to experiment with new things and to step outside their comfort zones. I love how it’s so easy to find your family at Brandeis and how accepting the faculty and students here are!


Movie: The Notebook (The Hunger Games is pretty close up there)

Book: Where the Heart is

TV Show: Suits and Grey’s Anatomy

Food on Campus: Curly fries and the salad bar

Favorite class at Brandeis: Principals of Neuroscience with Eve Marder