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Making the Most of the Semester Before Study Abroad

While Study Abroad may easily be the most exciting part of college, or at least of Junior year, it is always good to take a step back, live in the present so you aren’t missing out waiting on the future.




  1. Participate in Traditions

One of the best aspects of being on a campus is being able to partake in all of the funny, celebratory, exciting traditions that take place — don’t let your wanderlust get to you. Participate in these activities because soon enough you’ll be in a whole new world.




  1. Enjoy being ~literal steps~ away from food and friends

At this point in college, you probably have settled into a good vibe of hanging out with friends, grabbing meals, and living it up on the weekends. Spend extra time doing this, spend a little more time doing nothing with your #squad. In a couple months, that plane ride between you and your besties may just seem like too much too handle and at least you’ll be able to remember the mems from the previous semester.




  1. Stay on your game in classes

As easy as it may be to let lack of motivation get to you (hello you’re saying hasta la vista for at least four months) it is important to use this new experience you’re about to have as motivation to kick butt in classes, get a jump start on travel papers, and grind at work — all of this will lead to going into study abroad with a clear mind and keep you in a good space for returning to campus after.




  1. Start learning about your soon-to-be home

When the wanderlust really gets to you, put it to good use! Watch youtube videos, search travel blogs, read up on current events of your soon-to-be home. This will make your transition easier and help curb your wanderlust.




  1. Do your favorite American activities


Eat a burger, fries, and shake, see your favorite movies, walk around Target for a therapeutic Sunday afternoon. As much as you are excited about your time abroad, there are things that are totally unique to home that you may find yourself missing after a couple months abroad. Also, take advantage of being in the same timezone as your friends and family!

Kalianni is a Junior at Brandeis majoring in American Studies and minoring in HSSP and Legal Studies. When she isn't writing for HerCampus she can be found traveling, face timing her dog, or eating copious amounts of tacos.
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