Luke Dragonetti '18

Hometown: Hamilton, Bermuda

Year: 2018

Majors/Minors: Undecided, thinking of business and biology

Her Campus: What are you involved in on campus?

Luke Dragonetti: Brandeis club soccer and Phi Psi

HC: Single or taken?

LD: Single

HC: What do you look for in a significant other?

LD: A good personality, someone easy to talk to, and a good time to hang out with. 

HC: First thing you notice in someone else?

LC: Their smile or their face.                                                         

HC: What do you enjoy doing on the weekend?

LD: Playing soccer, hanging out and going out with friends, watching movies, and relaxing.

HC: Describe your ideal date?

LD: My ideal date would be at a nice restaurant on the beach in Bermuda, and after dinner, taking the girl out on my boat.

HC: Describe yourself in three words.

LD: Ambitious, friendly, and goofy

HC: What’s your dream job?

LD: Not really sure of the specifics yet, but I know it is either starting my own business or a job involving animals.

HC: What are your biggest turnoffs?

LD: A big ego and bad hygiene.

HC: Guilty pleasure?

LD: Every time I walk past Massell Pond I look for fish.


Color: Blue

Movie: Don't have one

Song: I have many: Trophies, The Man, Sweet Serenade etc. 

Sport: Soccer or basketball

City: Panama City

TV Show: The League, The Walking Dead, and Game of Thrones