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Last Minute Activities to Do On Campus (Or the First Ones to Do When You Get Back!)

1. Girls night!

Nothing says “bonding” like way too many people crammed into a dorm room at once. Grab a few pints of Ben & Jerry’s from the C-store, invite your best friends over, and spend the night catching up. No complaining about schoolwork allowed! 

2. Picnic on Chapels Field

Take lunch to-go and spend the afternoon lounging in the sun. You can always bring books to be productive later, but there’s also no harm in peacing out for a few hours either.


3. Coffee Date at Einstein’s

Grab an Asiago bagel and a Vanilla coffee and take a breather in the SCC. Whether it’s to finalize summer plans or to catch up with peers in the fall, a coffee date is the perfect meet up.

4. Visit the Rose Art Museum

One of the perks of Brandeis is that we have our very own art museum on campus (and admission is always free!). The galleries change every semester, so why not stop by before you jet home and once again when you get back to campus for two completely different experiences?

5. Movie Night in the Lounge

What better way to meet your new hallmates than with a movie night? Pick a popular flick and send around the invite for a super chill night of fun. 
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