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Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl Spectacle: A Review

From the moment Lady Gaga began singing “God Bless America,” against a background of Houston lights and a sky full of stars, I was hooked. But the moment Lady Gaga jumped from the edge of the stadium, I was absolutely blown away (and also short of breath from gasping so intensely).

The Lady Gaga concert, which was bookended by episodes of football, was the performance my heart so desperately needed. From behind her eye mask of red jewels, Gaga belted out pop hit after pop hit, ranging from “Just Dance”, the song that catapulted the Fame Monster’s career, to “Million Reasons” from her most recent album, Joanne. While always relevant, perhaps the timeliest song of the night was “Born This Way.” Love yourself, love each other, simple as that.

Gaga’s beaded Versace bodysuit – accented by major shoulder pads, matching boots, and luminescence fishnet tights that allowed her to show off one of her thigh tattoos – was glorious enough that I would have been content had she worn it the entire time. But then again, what is a proper show without a costume change? Before jumping into “Bad Romance,” the star switched into a bedazzled football-esque shoulder pad crop top and silver sequin briefs. Talk about a uniform.

So let’s recap. Who won the Super Bowl? Lady Gaga, of course. 

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