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Justin Cates ’17

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Brandeis chapter.

Year: 2017

Hometown: Jonesboro, Georgia

Majors: IIM in Communication and Media Studies with a possible minor in Creative Writing and Philosophy

Her Campus: Why did you decide to go to Brandeis?

Justin Cates: The summer before my senior year, my college advisor, Mrs. Martin, nominated me for the Posse Scholarship. In the second round of interviews we had to select our top three schools, and I picked Boston University, Syracuse, and Brandeis. Of my three choices, Brandeis was the only school I chose that wasn’t based on name recognition. I knew I wanted to go to a smaller school, but I wanted to be challenged academically as well. Plus it was far way (but I love you ma!).

HC: What are you involved in on campus or want to be involved in on campus?

JC: I am event coordinator and publicist for the Brandeis Black Student Organization, a member of Crowd Control Long Form Improv Troupe, co-coordinator for the Prospect Hill Community Center Waltham Group Project, and I am a Community Advisor in Shapiro 3B in Massell (Shout out to the Penthouse).

HC: If you could say something to your freshman self, what would it be?

JC: Try not to get mono, disable your Netflix before finals, appreciate the practicality of Usdan before it’s turned into a rat maze, and stop worrying about when your going back to Atlanta. It’s not going anywhere, and your going to have the time of your life this year, so enjoy it, cause Sophomore year is going to be a busy one.

HC: Favorite Brandeis memory so far?

JC: I am aware of how cliché this must sound, but I have had so many incredible experiences already. Initiation night for Crowd Control actually changed my life. #CC4L #Coconut. The Ferguson Vigil was unbelievable. Participating in Quickies this semester was unbelievable as well. Dinner at President Lawrence’s house for the work my Waltham Group Project was doing in the community, was simply dope, and meeting Jay Pharoah with my improv troupe after his show was a lot of fun too. I’m not sure I can pick one in particular.

HC: Any exciting winter break plans?

JC: Hangout with my family, sleep, and watch Netflix.  This semester was a blast, but I am really looking forward to regrouping and getting ready to hit the ground running next semester.

HC: What is your biggest weakness?

JC: I lethally procrastinate.

HC: What do you want to do after Brandeis?

JC: I would love to write socially and politically conscious sketches and screenplays, but I also love political strategy, so I have been considering something in politics. It’s like human chess (Harry Potter reference not intended).  

Fun Facts:

Celeb Crush: Gabrielle Union

Sherman or Usdan: Sherman

Favorite spot on campus: Chapel Pond

Favorite Movie or TV show: My favorite movies are My Cousin Vinny and Apocolypto and my favorite TV show is the Office, which I watch once a year from start to finish.

Favorite Musician: Childish Gambino

Favorite classes taken at Brandeis: Race and Gender in the News / Race, Ethnicity, and Electoral Politics

Single or Taken: Single



































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