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At around seven forty five pm on Saturday a long line of bustling students, dressed as if they were attending the red carpet, were seen entering T-Lot. Females wore five-inch heels and gorgeous formal dresses while males wore captivating suits. They all waited anxiously to be seated on a chariot (a.k.a. hired bus) that would take them to the Lakeview Pavilion. I was one of the lucky few to get a seat on the 8-o-clock bus! Then my fellow exquisitely dressed classmates and I headed to the Lakeview Pavilion for this year’s Junior Senior Formal.

 The dining room was extraordinary and the food was sensational. The music was blasting and the dance floor was packed, but in a good “let’s dance but I have space to spin” way, not a “sweaty, can’t breathe, who’s behind me” way. What made formal so special were the groups that came. Friends gathered and were impeccably dressed. The highlight of the night was how happy the guests were. Formal could’ve been in Sherman for all they cared. The students were glowing and shimmying with each other. There were friends who met freshman year living in Renfield, had encountered each other in a bathroom at the rabbi’s house on Purim sophomore year, or even met during Orientation. Don’t believe me?? See for yourself!! Luckily for you, we were able to capture the event on camera.


The amount of love was overwhelming and I cannot wait to see what the Class of 2015 brings to such a memorable event, it’s going to be hard to top the Class of 2014. The dance moves were one of a kind.

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