John Schnorrenberg ‘14 & Matt Crowley ’15

Matt Crowley ’15

Hometown: Hanover, MA

Film Major, History Minor

John Schnorrenberg ‘14

Hometown: Louisville, KY

Film, English and Politics Major

Meet Matt and John, this week’s campus cuties! They’ve caused some talk as the first boys of Brandeis to make a Facebook campaign to be elected to the position, and lucky for you ladies, they got their wish! They are both involved in musical theatre and improv groups on campus, and after meeting during Seussical, they formed an unbreakable bond. These gentlemen are dapper, enthusiastic, and they even finished each other’s answers all interview long.


HC: Where did you get the idea to make the campaign?

CC: Our friends Fiona Morillo and Margaret Hoffman were prodding us to do it one night and we decided we’d give it a shot! We also did it for the sake of social justice.

HC: What are your favorite parts of the Brandeis musicals?

MC: For me it’s definitely amusing the audience, and the people around me. I also enjoy all of the people I get to meet through being involved.

JS: The embodiment of the character, even when I’m not the main focus of a scene. It’s also great to meet new people and introduce them to the theatre experience.


HC: John, tell me about Bad Grammar! What’s your favorite improv game?

JS: I joined two years ago, and I’ve had the best time being a part of it. We’re primarily a short form improv group, meaning we do short scenes and switch often. We also hang out all the time outside of rehearsals. My favorite game is “pick-up lines,” where we have a bowl with different words and phrases from the audience and we have to pull them out sporadically during the scene and incorporate them in.


HC: Matt, tell me about False Advertising! What’s your favorite scene you’ve done?

MC: It’s my first year in the group, and this one is a long form. We have several scenes and sometimes take even just a word and create a storyline. We’re also the only group on campus that does musical longform. My favorite scene was definitely a musical scene I had a solo in that involved the Planet of the Apes.


HC: You seem like busy guys! What do you do when you’re not at rehearsal?

MC: I’m actually in a mini-series that I shoot, called Desian Couple

JS: I’m currently shooting a film about some art students here


HC: Describe each other in one word:

About MC: great

About JS: funny


HC: Such great words! Ok, relationship statuses?

MC: I’m pretty private in my relationships

JS: Single and looking to mingle


HC: What qualities do you look for in a girl?

MC: Someone who’s smarter than me, who can challenge me, and who’s really good at understanding sarcasm

JS: I think someone who’s fun. Everyone is wonderful in a different way, so I look for someone who is unique!


HC: What’s your ideal date?

MC: Any date where she doesn’t mind that I make a fool out of myself

JS: Going out to a restaurant and talking, just getting to know each other


HC: Favorite movie?

MC: Anything that gets less than 10% on Rotten Tomatoes

JS: Pretty in Pink. I’m a huge Molly Ringwald fan.


HC: Song playing in the background as you walk down the street?

MC: “Dear Chicago” by Ryan Adams, it’s mostly instrumental

JS: Beethoven’s 9th symphony, it has a lot of variation


HC: What’s one thing you’ve yet to do at Brandeis that you still want to do?

MC: Make a film

JS: Liquid Latex