Jess Steindler ‘16

Hometown: Randolph, NJ

In the predominately brunette world of Brandeis, Jessica Robin Steindler sticks out like a sunflower in a potato patch. I recently sat down with our school’s very own Rapunzel and caught a glimpse of the gal behind the hair.

What are you studying?

I think I’d like to triple major in French, Psych and Studio Art [crosses fingers], but I haven’t talked to my advisor yet, haha.

Do you have other interests?

I really wish that I had room to study the environment because I LOVE nature. It’s so good for stress, like, you can go out there alone. . . [sighs with pleasure] so much beauty, and it’s not manmade. I recently started planting flowers, and when they sprouted, I realized that everything comes from a seed! And now when I walk through nature I feel like I’m in my own private little garden.

Where’s your favorite nature spot?

Around here, there’s not much, but the Sachar Woods are pretty nice. But the other day, I rode out to Concord with my friend Jack, and we visited Walden Pond. Especially this time of year, all of the colors are inredible, and coming back to industrial Waltham is such a. . . [sighs from displeasure]. We also rode to the deCordova sculpture park in Lincoln, and I’d highly recommend that.

What else are you involved in around campus?

I’m in Company B, Gymnastics Club, Pottery Club, Skydiving Club, Mountain Club, Natural Living and probably some other things but that’s ok.

Do you like music?

How’d you know?! I just saw Portugal the Man and Alt-J, and over the summer I saw Joan Baez with the Indigo Girls. Fleet Foxes are my favorite, and lately I’ve been really into this band Rhye.

Favorite place to catch a show?

I love Brighton Music Hall in Allston. It’s so nice and small, and it’s so easy to get to the front row.

What’s your favorite movie? Tangled?

I really like Donnie Darko.

Would you rather Donnie Darko Jake Gyllenhaal or present-day JG?

Totally present Jake [flutters eyelashes].

Are you aware that you have very long, beautiful hair?

Yes, I’ve been told.

Have you ever pooped on it?



I don’t do that.

Is your hair a weave?


Are you a natural blonde?

I’m actually a dirty blonde, but I use Sun-In to brighten it over the summer.

What’s the craziest style you’ve done?

I can’t do styles! Everyone thinks my life is so glamorous, but it’s so straight and heavy that nothing holds. Sometimes it gets wavy though. . .

OMG I’m so sorry. How long is it?

At first, I thought it was weird that people assumed that I measured my hair. Like, who does that? But then, since so many people asked this question, I took out a ruler and found that it’s about three feet.

Have you ever strangled someone with it?

No. But sometimes I accidentally whip people.

Are you uncomfortable?


What are the weirdest places your hair gets stuck?

It’s gotten stuck in my pants, my climbing harness and BEARDS.

How long does it take to dry?

About three hours.

If you were up in a tower, and I were on the ground, would you let me climb your hair?

If there were a three foot tower, yes. Actually, my little cousin tried to climb on my hair. And since I have so much of it, the weight is evenly distributed so it didn’t even hurt. I just felt this tugging and there he was.

How often do people ask about your hair?

Soooo much! People have even stopped me in the street, but I don’t get annoyed because it’s a compliment. I guess it’s a conversation starter.

What’s one thing you wish people knew about you?

There’s more to me than my hair, guys!

Are there any significant others in your life?

Yeah, I have a boyfriend, but he doesn’t go here.

Does he have long, beautiful hair?