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    Something I admire my parents for is how they arrange their priorities –– one of which is travelling and making sure their kids see the world. I now look at spending through the lens of what I could do with the money if I were to travel. If I hear a jacket costs $500, I think about how that money could buy a plane ticket to, say, London. 

    I am blessed that my parents choose to spend their money on travelling because it is a generous gift that not everyone can partake in. If you ever get the chance to travel, take it! And travelling doesn’t only mean jet setting around the Caribbean –– it also means a road trip with friends for the weekend. 

    Travel is good for the soul. Getting away from the place that contributes to the hustle and bustle of your life is necessary at times. When you’re sitting at home, it is difficult to fight the impulses that are part of your routine. But when you travel, you try new things and get entrenched in someone else’s way of life; sometimes that means going a slower pace. It can be difficult to voluntarily go outside of your comfort zone, but sometimes it’s worth it. 

    That being said, make sure to do plenty of research before you go somewhere, so you can thoroughly plan your trip around seeing what makes the place unique but also ensure that it’s safe. 

    Yes, travelling generally means good memories and a good Instagram post (guilty!), but more than that, it is eye-opening. You get to see how people make a living and have fun. Each city has its own culture, as unique as a thumbprint, waiting to be explored. When you travel, you delve into a world of new food, clothing and traditions. The most important part of seeing other people’s lives is that the experience makes you realize how privileged you are. While that can be “scary” for people to come to terms with, being self-aware is more important than remaining in ignorance. 

    Traveling = learning. Part of the experience is going somewhere with preconceived notions about what you think you’ll see… and then leaving that same airport or highway filled with new knowledge.

Deepali Sastry

Brandeis '21

Brandeis '21; amateur photographer; CS & Psych
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