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Ian Christie ’16

Year: 2016

Hometown: Houston, TX

Majors: Computer Science & Neuroscience

Her Campus: Why did you choose Brandeis?

Ian Christie: It was the farthest away school that I got into.

HC: What are you involved on campus?

IC: I work in Stephen Van Hooser’s Neuroscience lab, I’m a TA for Discrete Math, I’ve been a part of the club volleyball team since freshman year, I frequent mountain club trips, and my pride and joy is being a coordinator for the Habitat for Humanity Club through the Waltham Group.

HC: How did you get involved in Waltham Group? What do you do?

IC: My passion for Habitat for Humanity was brought about by a cross-country bike trip I participated in during my freshman summer. Afterwards, I went on a number of builds and applied to be a coordinator the following semester. The Brandeis chapter of Habitat for Humanity educates the general public about affordable housing issues while participating in builds on Habitat sites to create homes alongside the families that will receive them. Locally, we work with the North Shore & Greater Boston affiliates, Household Good Recycling of Massachusetts, and other local community partners like schools and housing shelters. We also sponsor an Alternative Spring Break trip and take students to different states to build with affiliates there. It’s always a blast!

HC: What’s your favorite part of Brandeis?

IC: It’s generally pretty easy to find people that have similar interests as me.

HC: If you could give advice to freshmen, what would it be?

IC: Chill out and think about things that aren’t school.

HC: What do you want to do in the future?

IC: After school I’ll probably take a couple years off and head Colorado to climb and explore while doing some freelance programming. Ultimately I’ll probably find myself working at a tech company as a software engineer.


Food: Burritos

Place: My tent

Actor/Actress: John Krasinski / Amy Adams

Guilty Pleasure: Die Young by Ke$ha

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