I Lived Like Youtuber Kalyn Nicholson for a Week

I have always wanted to see what it was like devoting time to video making. Well to sum it up: It is a lot of work. Especially the editing part. What I found most rewarding was living in the lifestyle of one of my favorite Youtubers throughout the process: Kalyn Nicholson. She films videos on makeup, fashion, and lifestyle. The three thing I ADORE! So even though what she works on what I love, let’s see how me living out her same schedule went.

Wake up at 6:45 am

Nope. I had a lot of time on my hands that I did not know how to properly spend unless it was reading, and since my first class starts at 10am, I decided to make my wake up time 8:45 am. When I did this I realized that I can walk to class, not run. I can eat my food, not vacuum it into my mouth before class.

She posts 2 videos a week

Now I do not have all the time in the world to do full time school, part time work, and post 2 videos a week on Youtube. But I did end up posting 2 live videos: My Boyfriend Does My Makeup and “The Bean Boozeled Challenge”. This gave me moments to record the funny moments in life that you might want to look back on later.

Read every night

This is one thing that I think is hard for every college student to do. Not even just reading for school, but leisurely. It becomes what seems impossible as you grow into adulthood. But this week I wondered why I ever forgot why I loved reading so much. Before I began my reading journey, I went to More Than Words on Moody street and purchased an entire series, just in case I run out of one book and need the next.

Set up goals

I was always one of those New Year’s people that had goals but never went after them. When I started doing this, it made me realize to start with small goals and plan the big ones.

Schedule is planned for every. SINGLE. HOUR.

This really helped me make sure I was productive throughout my day. It became something that I really needed after finding out that not every hour of my day is not spent wisely, if at all.


She heads to the gym every night, and so every night I did not have work, I did the same. Aside from doing my conditioning in cheerleading, I worked out at the gym. I forgot what it is like to sit down without cringing. But, surprisingly enough, I have been seeing progress, and I hope to carry it out.

Have an off day

Like Kalyn, I chose my off days as Sundays. I spent days like those sleeping in, waking up and doing things at my own pace, pampering myself, etc. I mean, we a need an off day here and there, right?

Kalyn is a full-time YouTuber… so me doing everything just like how she did is impossible. But working some of what she does into my schedule has provided me some eye opening experiences, like how much time one has in their day and how much we can get done if we go through with our plans. When living your life, make sure to try new things so you are living it to its fullest potential. Even if that means you need a few off days in a row ;)