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Human Sized Penguins Make A Tuesday More Fun

“Classes just started so you should be studying….

But don’t! Come out to the Animal Appreciation Society’s Winter PenguinLand, featuring the musical stylings of Aziz.” So starts the facebook invitation to this year’s first scandalous event. It may have been the only event in my time at Brandeis where the people getting down and dirty were wearing…a onesie? That’s right! Dressed in a head to toe penguin costume, multiple members of the animal appreciation society waddled their way through the crowd of students who did, indeed, give up studying to dance to some great music and catch up with old friends.

The event, which occurred on January 18th in Chums, was a huge success especially considering that snow and freezing temperatures were quite daunting. But don’t take my word for it: do these people look cold and miserable to you?

Photo Credit: AJR Photography Co.

Abigail Katznelson is a Senior at Brandeis University studying Economics and Psychology. She recently joined the Her Campus Team and is so excited to have been recognized by Brandeis as an official charter! She is a member of the Brandeis Student Union, Creative Advertising Director for Student Events, and the Vice President of Sigma Delta Tau Delta Gamma Chapter. Her interests include singing, shopping, writing and exploring exotic foods. She will attend Brandeis’ International Business School next year as a participant in Brandeis’ 5-Year Masters program in International Finance.
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